Tech Positive with Charlie Dino | Guest: Monty Pickren -of Barnes Healthcare Services

June 22, 2021

ABOUT ACQUIRETEK - AcquireTek specializes in integration for mergers and acquisitions. Utilizing a client-focused approach, we begin the process with an Integration Assessment, examining your key business drivers, to ensure optimal ROI. We then run Integration workshops; Integration Design, Functional Dependency, and setup an Integration Management Office (IMO). Our differentiator is that we are not just integration experienced as a 3rd party, but all have 15+ years of experience as the Integration Client.

ABOUT CHARLIE - Relationship focused worry-free, Acquisition integration. I focus on making executives look good during integrations.

My Why... I am a creative problem solver, and I love building trusted partnerships. My focus is to take my proficiency and make my client partners look good. I also believe that there is no more valuable resource in business than your people. They are the engine that drives our success.

Pedigree... I was fortunate enough to start my career with GE. It was a great place to learn how to become an operator and leader. I have run the gamete from leading teams for credit/collections, Six Sigma, IT, eBusiness, and Operations. Through it all I have learned that relationships, and how you treat others are the true glue through it all!!

Proof statements...... Having been on the client-side for Acquisition Integration has allowed us to put a Six Sigma based planned process in place for faster integrations. One of our client's Brink's acquired a $405M entity. Through planning, partnership, execution we were able to integrate 90 branches, 9000 customers with 90,000 sites in 13 months.

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