The Golden Age of Podcasting

By Influencerr.TV on August 18, 2021
It's interesting how after TV has killed radio, and online video streaming has killed TV, radio is making a comeback and even giving streaming a run for its money in terms of quality and quantity. But it's not exactly radio, it's its online offspring, the podcast. Media Always Changes People used to tune in to […]
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Vlogs are Dead. Long Live the Podcast

By Influencerr.TV on July 21, 2021
Podcasting isn't new. But it is gaining traction as an avenue for expression and connections. Why is that? Podcasts have been around since blogs were a thing. Remember blogs right? "Weblogs" or online journals where people write their thoughts and opinions in paragraphs and sentences longer than 140 characters? Death of the Blog Blogs during […]
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Stand out and make your voice heard through podcasting

By Influencerr.TV on July 10, 2021
If you have something to say, why not say it through a podcast? Whether you're a budding influencer or a CEO of a company, an aspiring comedian or an emerging thought leader, the world is full of people who are ready and willing to listen to you talk about the things that matter to you. […]
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Mortgage Minute with Jason Waters | Tiffany McCall- Real Estate is a People Serving Business!

By Kris Drees on April 10, 2021
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